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Feature Article, GC Nonprofit News, 2/15/2024

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Joni Burton, CEO, JVS Careers

As managers, we have all had employees that do not work out. You coached them, put them on a Performance Improvement Plan, but despite best efforts, the employee still does not meet the expectations of their position. You now have the unpleasant responsibility of letting this person go. From a manager’s point of view, this is always difficult when you acknowledge the sincere efforts made by the individual to improve performance. You will provide the employee with a small severance package, provide Cobra information, and wish the exiting employee well in their next job. These are the proper moves, but are they enough, or should more be done to address the needs of departing employees? 

Employers understand the importance of providing good benefits for their active employees to attract and retain talent. It is equally important for employers to be responsible and support those who get laid off. This offered support is especially true for nonprofits! Outplacement is an employer-sponsored benefit provided as part of a severance package to help terminated and laid-off workers move on to another job. By providing outplacement assistance as part of the severance package, employers demonstrate a commitment to compassionate care for departing employees. Outplacement services equip individuals with the tools for a successful career transition such as writing resumes and cover letters, navigating job boards, interviewing skills, and networking.  

Additionally, providing outplacement services illustrates to your remaining employees that they are valued. The benefits extend beyond the individual level, positively influencing the morale and perception of your organization. It conveys a message of organizational empathy and underscores the company's values, promoting a culture of support and respect.

Helping a displaced employee can also have a positive financial impact on the organization by lowering unemployment and insurance costs. The faster former employees find new jobs, the less they will require unemployment benefits. Businesses that reduce their number of claims per year may be eligible for lower unemployment insurance rates. Also, departing employees commonly feel angry or frustrated when let go. By offering support in the form of outplacement, employers can minimize the likelihood of negative outcomes such as workplace violence, wrongful termination lawsuits, or detrimental word-of-mouth publicity.

The next time you terminate an employee, provide the displaced employee with Outplacement Services. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also provides a positive brand image and could positively impact your bottom line.

*JVS Careers is a nonprofit organization that has been in Cincinnati for over 80 years. We are here to help you through talent acquisition, executive coaching, leadership development, and outplacement services. Your company’s success is our mission.



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