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Vice President of Prevention

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Vice President of Prevention
Women Helping Women
Cincinnati, Ohio
Vice President of Prevention
Job Summary

The Vice President of Prevention is responsible for amplifying the execution of WHW’s Prevention strategies in the education, community and workplace systems. Leads through cross-sector collaborations to lift up prevention as an effective tool to address the public health epidemic of gender-based violence.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

 Establish and maintain relationships to amplify prevention strategies throughout the region and ensure that relationships are effective, professional, and collaborative
 Responsible for execution of prevention strategies that are in alignment with the agency strategic plan
 Ensure applicable metrics and performance indicators are in place to measure prevention strategy progress and ensure that all metrics are communicated across the Agency.
 Provides oversight of prevention policies, practices and tools for prevention services
 Provide innovative and strategic leadership with talent management to drive optimum achievement of the Agency’s mission.
 Provide prevention budget recommendations, oversight and ethical financial decisions in partnership with CSO and CFO.
 Promote positive public image by demonstrating awareness of WHW’s goals in a manner that promotes teamwork, collaboration, cohesiveness, and Agency’s core values.

Analysis & Forecasting:
 Analyze Prevention program goals, outcomes, input from staff and management as it relates to prevention
 Conduct quality assurance and review processes to ensure maintenance of highly accurate data, statistics and reports for prevention service
 Lead and participate in the on-going process of evaluation and revision of policies, procedures and forms as appropriate for prevention services
 Oversee excellence in outcomes and metrics for prevention strategies
 Create reports with a continuous learning lens and communicates prevention services outcomes rooted in trend analysis and emerging needs

Community Leadership:
• Drive macro–Prevention Programming strategies with fidelity to the Agency’s Prevention Expansion Plan.
 Advance the Agency’s mission and promote positive public relations.
• Sustain and amplify opportunities for increased relationships with education sector, corporate clients and community entities (bars, etc.) for Prevention strategies.
• Exercise discretion when representing the Agency and maintain confidentiality in interactions at all times.
• Promote teamwork and cohesiveness with WHW’s positive work culture.
• Affirm the value of diversity and is respectful of others in regards to/ does not discriminate based on gender, class, race, ethnicity, ability, religion/spirituality, cultural identity, immigrant or refugee status, and sexual orientation.
Direct Supervision of Staff
 Serve as a Leader that amplifies talent management at the Agency

 Lead and empower Prevention Manager/Director/ as they manage a growing team of educators and contractors
 Conduct Performance Management (goal setting, ongoing performance feedback/coaching, reviews, development support, documentation and responsible for hiring and exit processes)
 Participate in compensation recommendations and decisions for team members

Risk Management:
 Identify Agency and programmatic risks as they arise
 Ideate and drive strategies to mitigate risks
 Forecast possible risks and communicate opportunities to address in a proactive manner
 Demonstrated experience in systems-based change in education, gender-based violence or related public health movements.
 Demonstrated experience in focusing on macro strategies and taking programs to scale.
 Skilled at building into agency talent and empowering them in their roles of management and implementation of deliverables.
 Ability to work independently and with autonomy to drive measurable and intended outcomes for agency strategies.
 Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite.
 Must excel with a proven track record of strategic vision that sustains and increases relationships and partnerships in prevention and preferably in prevention of gender-based violence.
 Mindfulness, focus and strong time management skills to manage execution of scalable strategies
 Strong work ethos
 Strong relationship building skills with diverse community partners to impact prevention in the region: schools, workplaces, policy makers, media, community, etc.
 Must excel at public speaking and communication, both verbally and in writing.
 Must be willing to challenge the standard thinking with new ideas, new approaches, and new solutions that focus on innovation to drive prevention strategy Preferred 6+ years of experience in a leadership and management position.
 Required experience or knowledge of gender-based violence movement.
 Preferred experience in planning strategic initiatives to create a solid plan that will benefit the Agency’s initiatives and increase mission impact in the community

Other Requirements: To facilitate Agency effectiveness, may be expected to take on other duties assigned.
Confidentiality: May be involved in confidential personnel, and interagency issues. Responsible for client confidentiality.
 Supervise Prevention Manager/Director

HOURS: Full-Time
PAY BASIS: Salaried, Exempt
BENEFITS: As stated in the current Employee Handbook

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

Women Helping Women is an equality and equity opportunity employer and believes in equity and inclusion and welcomes diversity of experience and expression in recruitment, hiring, training, compensation and promotion of diverse talent.

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