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UpSpring Summer 360 Teacher

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UpSpring Summer 360 Teacher
Cincinnati, Ohio
Job Summary

UpSpring is seeking Certified Teachers and Instructional Assistants for our Summer 360 day camp for children experiencing homelessness. The positions are full-time, approximately 35 hours per week, from May 31-July 12, 2024.  Focus is on literacy, math, and social-emotional development while making a difference in the lives of students experiencing homelessness.    

Job Description

Position Description:  UpSpring Summer 360 Teachers are responsible for leading all classroom team members and ensuring the safety of all students. They are responsible for planning and impementing lesson plans for academic study and parts of the enrichment schedule. The Teacher is considered a valuable member of our summer program who will provide leadership to our students who are experiencing homelessness.  Children attending the summer camp are 5 to 14 years of age and the Teacher will be assigned to work with a specific age group (5-7, 8-9, or 10-12). Teachers will be expected to interact and build rapport with children with the intent of making a difference in the lives of students experiencing homelessness.  

Responsibilities: Provide leadership including: ▪ Oversee all daily activities involving the classroom ▪ Create engaging lessons for student improvement in math and reading literacy ▪ Implement classroom management that facilitates social-emotional awareness and growth ▪ Problem-solving in a professional manner ▪ Incorporate a team atmosphere ▪ Work collaboratively with classroom Instructional Assistant and Intern (if available) ▪ Integrate Junior Camp Counselors into Classroom curriculum. Develop lesson plans and teach: ▪ Provide sample classroom lesson plan by June 2, 2024 ▪ Implement resilience & culture into lesson planning in a creative way ▪ Bolster student literacy in math, and reading as well as social-emotional intelligence ▪ Evaluate student learning and adjust teaching accordingly. Foster a respectful environment that promotes growth and development: ▪ Develop and implement a classroom system to manage student behavior in tandem with the camp ▪ Create an inviting classroom atmosphere ▪ Assist in assigning activities to volunteers ▪ Develop a trauma informed lens and relate to students from this perspective ▪ Other duties as otherwise specified.  

Qualifications: State Teaching Certification. Prior experience working with children and youth experiencing homelessness is preferred.  

Additional Requirements:  Able to lift 30 pounds. Use of personal cell phone for staff communication.  

Work Hours: 35 hours per week, Mon-Fri 8:30am – 4:00pm (with half-hour unpaid lunch break).  Working days: May 31, 2024 – July 12, 2024 (Paid Holidays: June 19th & July 4th , unpaid Holiday: July 5); Summer 360° staff are expected to be present every day during camp  

Rate: 30.00 Per Hour  

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