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Executive Director (PCW)

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Executive Director (PCW)
Pregnancy Center West, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH
Executive Director 1
Job Summary

Pregnancy Center West, serving women on Cincinnati's west side for more than 40 years, is seeking a new Executive Director.  The ED is a key leadership position to guide PCW's efforts to save the unborn, serve women in need and provide chastity education to local schools. 

Job Description


The Executive Director (ED) leads day-to-day activities at Pregnancy Center West (PCW). The ED manages employees and maintains relationships with clients, community members, donors, the PCW board and key stakeholders. General responsibilities include assessing community and client needs and collaborating with staff and board to determine the best path to meet those needs. The ED has overall responsibility for the financial health and stability of PCW, working with staff and board to plan and execute fundraising events and cultivating current and new major donors.


  1. Responsible for the administration and management of the organization’s resources:
  • Leads PCW staff and volunteers in the execution of their responsibilities for the efficient and effective carrying out of the organization’s mission. Provides timely informal and formal performance evaluation/feedback/goal setting.
  • Plans, organizes, and directs the day-to-day operations of the organization.  
  • Creates a culture/office atmosphere that encourages openness, honesty, trust, respect, Christian reconciliation/restoration/unity.
  • Demonstrates strong servant leadership by supporting and promoting harmony and a ministry of restoration/ reconciliation modeled after Christ’s example. Also leads by serving clients lovingly and effectively, therefore supporting and promoting PCW’s pro-life mission.
  • Ensures recruitment, engagement and retention of volunteers and employees to fulfill Board-approved plans, according to appropriate guidelines and within budget. Ensures training of volunteers and staff to promote the mission, provide quality services, successfully execute the responsibilities of their positions and follow appropriate regulations, policies and procedures. Provides enrichment and growth (personal and professional) opportunities.
  • Ensures appropriate, accurate, and relevant financial recordkeeping and reporting of results against budget.  
  • Ensures the development and update of forms, documents, reports, manuals and other materials necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the organization.
  • Ensures the organization follows policies and procedures and complies with all legal and organization restrictions and guidelines, including confidentiality, retention of information, employment law, budget, etc.
  1. Collaborates with the Board of Directors in overall governance of organization:
  • Assists the Board in strategic planning, developing objectives and goals, annual planning (including budgeting and program development), and in policy development by presenting regularly on organizational health and making relevant/informed proposals on direction.
  • Implements goals, objectives, policies, annual plans set by the ED and Board, and incorporates them into the daily operations of the organization.
  • Interfaces between Board of Directors and staff and other center constituencies.
  • Provides information and reports regarding administration and operations to keep Board informed (financial, programmatic, public relations, HR, etc.) as requested by the Board. Also, informs the Board of problems or anticipated problems so that the mission of the organization may be carried out effectively.
  1. Supports organization’s mission through program/ services development and delivery:
  • Continuously researches community needs in areas pertinent to the mission of the organization.
  • Gathers staff input to develop and implement new, or changes in,  programs and services that support the mission of PCW and meet client needs. Evaluates effectiveness or new initiatives, and makes changes as needed and appropriate.  
  • Oversees all client services. Ensures quality and other standards are being met in the implementation of all client services.
  1. Fosters growth and stability of the organization, including fundraising, public relations, and marketing:
  • Serves as major representative of the organization to the staff, donors, community and other center constituencies.
  • Develops and sustains marketing plans in order to generate client leads for the organization, as well as foster support (both PR and financial) for PCW’s mission.
  • Communicates and interacts with other community organizations (churches, help/aid agencies), governmental agencies and leaders, general community, media, donors, and prospective donors for the purpose of educating and fostering good relationships and support. Oversees communication with external constituencies.
  • Networks with other life-affirming organizations toward fulfilling a common vision.
  • Oversees fundraising on a high level and provides guidance to the Director of Development, ensuring success and consistency with Board approved objectives.
  • Collaborates with Development Director on maintenance of select “Major Giver” portfolio:
    1. Regularly evaluates portfolio 
    2. Participates in both high level and more personal solicitation efforts when deemed appropriate 
    3. Cultivates relationships with major givers/potential major givers 



The Executive Director should possess the following key qualifications and skills in the execution of all assigned duties as outlined in the Job Description:

  1. Be a practicing Roman Catholic who is ardently pro-life and passionate about the mission and ministry of Pregnancy Center West. 
  2. Must have demonstrated prior success in leading and managing groups of employees.
  3. Must show ability and experience performing duties with honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. 
  4. Proficiency with MS Office products including Excel, Word, and Outlook.
  5. Ability to analyze data supporting client service, incoming contacts, and fundraising and recommend actions, or take action, accordingly to solve problems and ensure growth. 
  6. Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably in business or nonprofit administration, human resource management, or related field. Master’s degree in related field preferred.
  7. Excellent oral and written communication skills to communicate effectively with multiple audiences/constituencies using a variety of formats.
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills to train, manage and influence all organizational constituencies.
  9. Self-starter with good judgment, integrity, and excellent administration skills.
  10. Willingness and ability to carry out the mission of Pregnancy Center West and serve clients and other PCW’s constituencies in a way that honors Jesus Christ and supports and promotes PCW’s life-affirming ministry.
  11. Willingness and ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and example, to encourage clients, staff, and other PCW constituencies to contribute to an office environment conducive to supporting a ministry of life.

Working hours and conditions:


Must be present, or ensure manager coverage, during normal PCW operating hours, including evenings . 

Must attend special events and fundraisers, which may occur during weekend and evening hours.

Must engage in community outreach, which may be scheduled evenings and weekends.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners

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