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“Nonprofits – Let’s Cut to the Chase” is a micro-podcast series brought to you by the Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News.

In each episode you will join Jane Page-Steiner, owner and publisher of GC Nonprofit News, as she talks with thought leaders and professionals about topics and issues of interest to the nonprofit community.

We “cut to the chase” when talking with our guests to help you quickly gain knowledge and insights on important nonprofit issues. Each episode ends with a fun quick joke from our guest in the spirit of keeping things light.

If you have questions or comments about the podcast email Jane at

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Will Lester

Good data can help your nonprofit make educated and strategic decisions about what comes next for your organization. But with limited time and resources many nonprofits struggle with how to best to manage, analyze, and leverage their data. In this episode we are speaking with Will Lester, Vice President of Data Services from Ignite Philanthropy about the challenges and strategies related to nonprofit data management.

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