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“Nonprofits – Let’s Cut to the Chase” is a micro-podcast series brought to you by the Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News.

In each episode you will join Jane Page-Steiner, owner and publisher of GC Nonprofit News, as she talks with thought leaders and professionals about topics and issues of interest to the nonprofit community.

We “cut to the chase” when talking with our guests to help you quickly gain knowledge and insights on important nonprofit issues. Each episode ends with a fun quick joke from our guest in the spirit of keeping things light.

If you have questions or comments about the podcast email Jane at

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Aaron Grant

We all know volunteers bring value and play an important role in the success of nonprofits. According to a recent study from Independent Sector – a volunteers’ time is worth an average of $24.14 an hour. That provides a measurement of value – but how do you define your volunteers impact? In this podcast we talk about why measuring your volunteers impact is important and how to know what you should be measuring and how. We speak with Aaron Grant, a senior project manager at People Working Cooperatively, his work includes managing their Volunteer Involvement Program.  Aaron also serves as president of the Cincinnati Area Volunteer Administrators network (CAVA).

Shannon Starkey-Taylor

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to create a bigger impact – partnerships and collaborations can enable nonprofits to leverage their resources.  But how do you create alliances that work for you and your organization?   What do you need to know before you enter into a partnership with another nonprofit? 

In this episode we are speaking with Shannon Starkey-Taylor, CEO of the Learning Grove about nonprofit partnerships and collaborations.

Jennifer Homer

More and more employees want access to benefit plans and many have the expectation that their employer will foot the whole bill.  With the competitive job market the type of benefits you offer can help you recruit and retain employees.   In this podcast we discuss what questions and issues you should consider when exploring benefit plans for your nonprofit.  Join us as we speak with Jennifer Homer, from Strategic Benefits.

Stephen Rosfeld

What do donors expect in return for their gift? Do millennium donors have different expectations than baby boomer donors? Instead of the traditional major gift ask, why are conversations with donors shifting to encourage investing in organizational impact? Join us as we speak with Steve Rosfeld, VP of Development for the University of Cincinnati, to discuss the shifting expectations of donors.  

Susan Mospens

A recent study from that about 20% of nonprofit income is derived from grants. How do grants fit into your overall development plans? How do you evaluate what grants to pursue? When do you know a grant opportunity is the right fit for your organization? How are you navigating the changing expectations of foundations and grant makers in 2021? Join us as we speak with Susan Mospens, Grants Manager for People Working Cooperatively and member of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Grant Professionals Association about writing grants: our new reality.

Stephanie Byrd

Effectively engaging your board in fundraising can often be challenging and frustrating. Are your board members able to share with donors their passion for your mission? Does your board have a deep understanding of your organization’s vision? Is your board president partnering with the staff leadership to educate and engage your board in fundraising efforts? Join us as we speak with Stephanie Byrd, the Regional CEO of the American Red Cross, the Central and Southern Ohio region about partnering with your leadership in fundraising. To learn more about Stephanie and how to contact her, go to the podcast page at Do you have any questions or comments about the show? Email Jane Page-Steiner at


We have all heard the common advice from fundraising experts – people give because someone asked them. Yet, many minority populations report they are less likely to be asked. How can an organization expand their development program and be more inclusive in its fundraising practices? Join us as we speak with Adrienne Taylor and Dolores Dodson, representatives from the Cincinnati Chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals, to discuss fundraising with diverse communities: doing nothing is the worst.

Adam Baker

We all know it is important to thank your donors but did you know more than 60 percent of all nonprofits fail to thank donors properly. Research shows that a personal thank you received within 48 hours increases the likelihood of first-time donors giving again. What can you do to truly make your donors feel appreciated and valued? Join us as we speak with Adam Baker, Stewardship Officer from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to discuss the art of the thank you.  

Von Lehman

Fundraising events provide critical revenue for nonprofits. As you plan and navigate your special events what financial reporting or regulations should you keep in mind? Are you providing activities at your special event that may be impacted by gaming regulations? What are the tax reporting requirements for items contributed for a fundraising event? Join us as we speak with our guests from VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm Stephanie Allgeyer, Shareholder and Nonprofit/Audit department lead, CPA/CFE and Bryan Pautsch, Principal and Nonprofit Tax Expert, CPA/JD about navigating financial reporting and regulations when planning fundraising events. To learn more about Stephanie & Bryan and how to contact them, go to the podcast page at Do you have any questions or comments about the show? Email Jane Page-Steiner at

Scott Provancher

Are you maximizing the giving from your donors? Does your nonprofit leverage its resources and ideas to ensure you receive the gifts you need to achieve your goals and vision? What information should you be sharing with your donors that will inspire them to support and invest in your organization? Join us as Jane Page-Steiner, owner and publisher of GC Nonprofit News, speaks with Scott Provancher, President/CEO of Ignite Philanthropy as they discuss why money follows vision.

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