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“Nonprofits – Let’s Cut to the Chase” is a micro-podcast series brought to you by the Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News.

In each episode you will join Jane Page-Steiner, owner and publisher of GC Nonprofit News, as she talks with thought leaders and professionals about topics and issues of interest to the nonprofit community.

We “cut to the chase” when talking with our guests to help you quickly gain knowledge and insights on important nonprofit issues. Each episode ends with a fun quick joke from our guest in the spirit of keeping things light.

If you have questions or comments about the podcast email Jane at

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Sharon Fusco and Pam Green

Mergers are becoming more commonplace in the nonprofit sector. Mergers can be exciting but also scary for the staff.  How should the leadership address and manage the expectations and concerns of the staff during a merger? In this episode we speak with CEO of Easterseals Redwood, Pam Green, and CEO of Redwood, Sharon Fusco, about staffing challenges and opportunities during a merger.

Judy Simpson

Every nonprofit must grapple with how to create the best oversight and accountability for their organization. Strong accountability builds trust and confidence in your nonprofit. Creating effective accountability and ownership of oversight can be challenging and feel overwhelming. In this episode we speak with CPA, Judy Simpson, from Blue & Company about the challenges and strategies for creating accountability.  

Dedra Perlmutter

Like all industries today there is lots of movement in the nonprofit job market. Are you thinking of switching jobs? How do you decide if it is the right time to make a move to another nonprofit? Making the decision to stay or leave isn’t easy – what should you consider before making the leap?  In this episode we speak with Dedra Perlmutter, Senior Career Coach and Human Resources Manager at JVS Careers.

If you are considering switching jobs or careers in the non-profit world, our website is a great resource for postings and news!

Kelli Tarantino and Tamie Sullivan

Does your nonprofit have a marketing plan? Often nonprofits underestimate the value and benefits of developing results-driven marketing strategies and tactics for their organization. In this episode we speak with Kelli Tarantino, President of Cincinnati Marketing Solutions, and Tamie Sullivan, Senior Marketing and Nonprofit Specialist from Cincinnati Marketing Solutions.  We explore marketing tips, trends and mistakes nonprofits should avoid.

Faith Whittaker

Firing someone on your staff is one of the most difficult tasks for any employer. Terminating an employee can cause anxiety and raise legal issues. Does your nonprofit have effective termination protocols and practices in place? In this episode we discuss strategies and practices that will help you effectively prepare and manage the termination of an employee. Our guests are Faith Whittaker, a partner with DInsmore & Shohl and Erin Starkey, an Attorney with Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio.  

Megan Glowacki

A recent study found most organizations are heading towards or already have a hybrid workplace. COVID forced many nonprofits to quickly rethink and embrace remote work. How is this trend impacting your work place? Does your organization have in place the practices and policies to effectively manage your remote workers? In this episode we discuss remote work trends and practices and how they are impacting nonprofits. In this episode we speak to Megan Glowacki, partner with Thompson Hine and Erin Starkey, Staff Attorney at Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio to discuss remote work trends and practices and how they are impacting nonprofits.  

Erin Childs

Does your board and leadership recognize and manage the legal risks that can  impact your organization? Nonprofits face unique legal challenges that can compromise their organization and mission. In this episode we speak with Erin Childs, Executive Director of Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio about legal pitfalls that can impact nonprofits — and how to avoid them.

Aaron Grant

We all know volunteers bring value and play an important role in the success of nonprofits. According to a recent study from Independent Sector – a volunteers’ time is worth an average of $24.14 an hour. That provides a measurement of value – but how do you define your volunteers impact? In this podcast we talk about why measuring your volunteers impact is important and how to know what you should be measuring and how. We speak with Aaron Grant, a senior project manager at People Working Cooperatively, his work includes managing their Volunteer Involvement Program.  Aaron also serves as president of the Cincinnati Area Volunteer Administrators network (CAVA).

Shannon Starkey-Taylor

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to create a bigger impact – partnerships and collaborations can enable nonprofits to leverage their resources.  But how do you create alliances that work for you and your organization?   What do you need to know before you enter into a partnership with another nonprofit? 

In this episode we are speaking with Shannon Starkey-Taylor, CEO of the Learning Grove about nonprofit partnerships and collaborations.

Jennifer Homer

More and more employees want access to benefit plans and many have the expectation that their employer will foot the whole bill.  With the competitive job market the type of benefits you offer can help you recruit and retain employees.   In this podcast we discuss what questions and issues you should consider when exploring benefit plans for your nonprofit.  Join us as we speak with Jennifer Homer, from Strategic Benefits.

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